Box Office Battle: Did Mortal Kombat REALLY Beat Demon Slayer?

This was the biggest box office weekend since mid-March last year when Covid-19 was just starting to shut things down. The total domestic came in at $52.9M, which is up 180% over last weekend according to Deadline. And the two biggest contenders were Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train and Mortal Kombat. Both were expected to bring in between $10M and $12M, but after strong showing for both on Friday, those estimates were raised to $19M with the question of who would win the weekend.


And while it may not be a Flawless Victory… Mortal Kombat took the price with a $22.5M haul even thought it was also released on HBO Max at the same time. The animated Demon Slayer came in at an impressive $19.5 million. Both of these films would be targeting the same basic audience, while Mortal Kombat is the highest opening R-rated film during the pandemic. I think what we can take form this is there is a definite desire by the audience to return to the theaters.


Now this is what Deadline is saying, but Kneon from Clownfish TV points out that Demon Slayer was only on 1,600 or so theaters, but Mortal Kombat was on over 3,000 theaters, meaning that Demon Slayer averaged about $12,000 per screen while Mortal Kombat only averaged a little over $7,000 per screen.


Mortal Kombat BEAT Demon Slayer at the Box Office... Or DID It?


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