Bombshell: Does Disney Protect Pedophiles Within the Studio System?



The world recently learned that a former Chairman of Disney Studios, Richard Cook, and a former President to Disney/ABC Studios Geraldine Layborne traveled with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, both international child sex traffickers, on a jet nicknamed the “Lolita Express,” according to the plane’s flight logs. Is that the real reason that Disney-owned ABC spiked their Jeffrey Epstein story? Are there really some stories that tinsel town doesn’t want told in order to protect their business model? Stories of underage kids being plied with alcohol at the homes of famous celebrities, then sexually abused by adults probably aren’t stories anyone in Hollywood wants you to see or hear. Do executives at the Walt Disney Co. knowingly allow some of their underage stars to be surrounded by pedophiles, and even partake in child sex abuse?



These are the allegations being made, and thoroughly detailed and documented by Tammy Garcia and she is telling a story that Hollywood definitely doesn’t want the public to hear. Tammy is a mother, whose young son Ricky became a Disney Channel star with a singing contract. She and her son allege that while he was under contract with Disney, he was also being regularly sexually abused by Hollywood elite, including managers, talent agents, and executives employed by some of the biggest studios in the entertainment industry.



Last September, the Ricky Garcia told the Hollywood Reporter:


…a series of Hollywood execs preyed on him, alleging the abuse began when he was just 12 years old. Garcia and two other musicians formed FIYM in 2013 after he was eliminated from The X Factor.

In a complaint submitted Tuesday to the L.A. County Superior court which has not yet been assigned to a judge, Garcia says his ex-manager Joby Harte raped and sexually assaulted him “dozens of times” during his teenage years. Garcia also claims Harte groomed him into a “sexual plaything that could be passed around his friends in the business,” including ex-APA agent Tyler Grasham and manager-producer Nils Larsen. He accuses Grasham of making sexually aggressive comments and licking his toes and Larsen of grabbing his penis over his pants at a concert in 2016.


Tiffany FitzHenry is a best-selling author, speaker, and public personality. She is also a “Hollywood whistleblower,” a prolific screenwriter, and an independent producer. She’s been telling the truth behind the scandalous Hollywood headlines, and asking the question, ‘why does Hollywood even exist?’ 



Tiffany recently dropped a very detailed write-up on all of the salacious events that took place throughout Ricky’s teenage years in Hollywood, and dropped a LOT of names.


“Hollywood doesn’t want to talk about pedophilia,” Tammy (Ricky’s mom) says, a reality she quickly figured out the day after the story of Ricky’s lawsuit broke, when everything went radio silent. And, of course it did. This story has the power to bring down giants. The problem is, it’s the same giants who also own the media.

That’s when Tammy Garcia reached out to me instead. Over the course of nearly two months of phone conversations as well as an in-person, sit-down interview, which will be released to the public, Tammy took me through a stunning timeline of events as well as provided me with emails, written witness testimonies and documents compiled for the civil lawsuit, all of which detail the years of torture and abuse her son suffered, the names of those who partook, those who knew, and those who covered it up. The following expose’ is entirely drawn from these documents, emails and witness testimonies.



The article goes through exhaustive and explicit detail of how the abuse began:


…during an overnight ‘songwriting’ trip which was strictly ‘no parents allowed,’ Ricky and his bandmates, were taken to Catalina Island by Joby Harte and several songwriters, all adults.

Once there, the young teens were plied with alcohol including Scotch, tequila, vodka and champagne, purchased and served by Joby and the other adults. Ricky and Emery both drank to excess, to the point of being sick. After which Joby undressed and bathed Ricky, then Ricky blacked out. Ricky woke up the next morning naked in bed with Joby, having no memory of what had happened.

This began a pattern that would go on multiple times per week for four years, steadily progressing to include all forms of sexual abuse, including rape, as well as abuse by others in addition to Joby Harte.

According to the documents, one of the first people in Hollywood to sexually assault Ricky, other than Joby Harte, was Joby’s good friend then-APA agent Tyler Grasham, who has since been fired by APA and has a long list of underage male accusers.


Tyler Grasham



As these incidents continued, Tammy went on to detail an incident that happened at the home of Guardians of the Galaxy star, Chris Pratt:


…once again during the fall of 2016, when Joby Harte and Ricky attended yet another party, this time at the home of Anna Faris and her then-husband Chris Pratt. According to Tammy and Ricky’s testimonies, as well as the lawsuit documents, at the home of this powerful, famous Hollywood couple, Ricky was again served alcohol openly and excessively.




And at one point during the night, Marketing and PR veteran Lisa Delcampo, the long-time “right hand man” to Lance Bass of NSYNC, and yet another good friend of Joby Harte’s, took Ricky, a minor, into one of the bedrooms and sexually molested him after being granted permission to do so by Joby Harte in what one could conclude amounts to nothing less than child sex trafficking. Delcampo was in her mid-30s at the time.




Many will recall how Chris Pratt, star of Disney’s lucrative Guardians of The Galaxy franchise, came to the defense of director James Gunn after his thousands of truly confounding pedophile tweets surfaced.



The exposes continues to document an incredible number of victims at the hands of these Hollywood executives and the lengths to which the studios, particularly Walt Disney Studios, would go to protect their reputations, leading Tiffany to ask:


“is Disney protecting pedophiles?

“Yes, they are. Disney is protecting pedophiles,” Tammy asserts without wavering.


Corey Feldman Claims Hollywood Has Another Dirty Secret: Pedophilia | Access Hollywood


Please read the whole thing here then consider cancelling your Disney+ subscription.



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