Blumhouse & Miramax Cancel ‘Feminist’ Take on Dracula Film ‘Mina Harker’

Blumhouse and Miramax’s Dracula film Mina Harker isn’t happening, Deadline reports. Originally, Blindspotting actress and #FreeRayshawn Emmy winner Jasmine Cephas Jones was set to headline Karyn Kusama’s Mina Harker, with cameras set to roll in two weeks.


However, the production isn’t moving forward, and sources say Miramax exited over creative differences with the filmmaker. 




The movie was to be set in contemporary Los Angeles, centering on protagonist Mina Harker, who plays opposite Dracula in the movie, with the classic Bram Stoker protagonist going by the name of Vladimir in the film.


The character has been heralded by feminist authors, such as Kaitlyn Montcrieff:

Although Mina represents the gender binary and stereotypes of Victorian womanhood and the ideal traits of femininity, Mina’s character also provides a paradox. The dominating culture of a phallus-centric narrative should leave the female characters with little to no dynamic characteristics themselves, however Mina gains a strange ability that makes her unique and at the center of the action.


In the world of comics, “Mina Murray” (returning to her maiden name after having divorced her husband) is one of the lead characters of Alan Moore’s and Kevin O’Neill’s comic book series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. In the series, the character is depicted as a bisexual suffragist and leader of the titular team, and is in a polyamorous relationship with the gender-changing omnisexual Orlando. It is implied that she still feels trauma over her encounter with Dracula and has disfiguring scars on her neck, which she covers with a red scarf. A similar version of the character appeared in the film version of the comics, and was portrayed by Peta Wilson.



Karyn Kasuma, the (former) director of the Mina Harker film, is best known for female protagonist gets revenge films such as The Invitation, Girlfight, Jennifer’s Body, Æon Flux, and Destroyer. None were moneymakers for the studios. Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi penned the script for Mina Harker that is based on Bram Stoker’s Dracula; both writers are frequent collaborators of Kusama.


Kusama was producing the movie with Jason Blum, Hay, Manfredi and Miramax’s Bill Block. Bea Sequeira was EP and had been set to oversee the film for Blumhouse.

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