Beyond Mixed Reviews: Wonder Woman 1984’s HBOMax Debut Was Glitchy

While social media appears to be split on Wonder Woman 1984, with responses ranging from “wonderful” to “a hot mess”, the big problem seems to be a lot of people were unable to judge for themselves. The @HBOMaxHelp Twitter account was inundated with posts about the film crashing while viewing or not working at all. For many people, the rest of the selections worked, just not the new film. And it appeared to be particularly troublesome to users of Roku devices who only recently had the app added to the service.


This is not the first time a highly anticipated new entry has caused streaming issues. Back in 2016 Marvel’s Luke Cage caused a two-hour outage on Netflix and it became a defacto way of judging how popular a series was going to be.

For its part, HBO Max told Deadline that they did not experience any significant disruptions. They might want to check their social media, because there are some folks out there who beg to differ.

Karina Smitt

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