Author Neil Gaiman Credibly Accused of Sexual Assault by Multiple Women


British author Neil Gaiman faces serious allegations of sexual assault from two women, as revealed in a detailed investigation by Tortoise Media. The incidents, occurring nearly 20 years apart, involve women who were in consensual relationships with Gaiman at the time.


The first accuser, Scarlett, was a 23-year-old nanny for Gaiman’s child in New Zealand in 2022, and during Gaiman’s very public, open marriage at the time. Scarlett alleges that Gaiman assaulted her in a bathtub just hours after they met at his home. While both parties agree that they had a three-week consensual relationship, Scarlett claims that Gaiman engaged in non-consensual “rough and degrading penetrative sexual acts.”


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Tortoise Media corroborated Scarlett’s claims with contemporaneous messages, notes, and testimonies from friends she confided in at the time.


The second accuser, K, met Gaiman at a Florida book signing in 2003 when she was 18. They began a consensual relationship when she turned 20, while Gaiman was in his mid-40s. K alleges that Gaiman, now 63, repeatedly engaged in rough and painful penetrative sex that she “neither wanted nor enjoyed.” She also claims that Gaiman ignored her refusal to have sex while she was suffering from a painful infection.


You can listen to Tortoise’s four-part audio investigation below:

• Episode one: the bath

• Episode two: the WhatsApps

• Episode three: the pond

• Episode four: the fan


Gaiman denies any non-consensual sexual acts. Regarding Scarlett’s allegations, he stated that the bathtub incident involved only cuddling and consensual digital penetration. He suggested Scarlett’s claims might be influenced by a medical condition causing “false memories,” a theory not supported by her medical records. Gaiman has also dismissed K’s allegations, attributing them to her “regret over the relationship.”



New Zealand police have opened an investigation into Scarlett’s complaint, though Gaiman claims his offer to assist with the investigation was declined. He continues to maintain his innocence in both cases. 




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