Ashes of Star Trek Alumni to be Sent to Space as Part of Upcoming Artemis Mission


Star Trek alum Nichelle NicholsJames DoohanMajel Barrett Roddenberry, series creator Gene Roddenberry and visual-effects expert Douglas Trumbull will all be honored in a special “Enterprise Mission” that will take their ashes and DNA into space. Deadline reports that the samples will fly “beyond the moon” on the flight, which will take place at a future date to be determined.

The memorial space flight will be part of United Launch Alliance’s Vulcan Centaur mission which will deliver a robotic lunar lander to scout for NASA’s upcoming Artemis 1 flights. The “Enterprise Mission” is part of a secondary payload as a joint venture with Houston’s Celestis which conducts memorial space flights. While the date of the special mission is not yet set, the first Artemis mission was scheduled for August 29th, but NASA’s Artemis 1 mission did not launch this morning after being delayed due to an engine bleed issue.

The earliest possible new date for the launch is September 2, but Nasa said it will soon share the official date of the next launch attempt. 

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