As MCU Expands, is Kevin Feige Being Spread Too Thin?


As Marvel Studios continues to grow, Kevin Feige is not able to spend as much time personally on each project as he has done in the past. The President and Chief Creative Officer overseeing the MCU is now focused more on the big pitcher rather than the day-to-day operations as he was able to in the past.


We get a bit of an example of this from Eternals VFX Production Supervisor Stephane Ceretti who told the VFX Notes podcast:


“It’s a lot of people now, but how it is, it’s fun and crazy at the same time, it’s super exciting because we are really part of the process, like really, really part of the process. It’s a bit different now because the studio is bigger, and maybe we have a little bit less access to the people we used to have access to all the time. [Victoria Alonso] is always there, so she’s always in the meetings, all the readings we’re doing. [Feige], a little bit less so now because he’s so busy with story and everything, but he used to come to every VFX reading with us, which was great, like really great.”



If you are a fan of the behind-the-scenes material for the various MCU films, you would see that Feige’s name comes up constantly about him adding ideas, pushing the story to even bigger heights, etc. Hopefully as the MCU grows it doesn’t get so big that it loses the magic that Feige brings to it.

Mandy Parker

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