As Coronavirus Lockdowns Lift, Mission Impossible 7 to Restart Filming in September

Deadline reports that Mission: Impossible 7 is preparing to leap back into action again in September after the Paramount feature was forced to radically change its shooting plans in February because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Speaking to BBC on Tuesday following the publication of British Film Commission safety protocols, first assistant director Tommy Gormley said he was “convinced” that the Tom Cruise franchise can get back to work again in the next three months and be wrapped by May 2021.

“We hope to restart in September, we hope to visit all the countries we planned to and look to do a big chunk of it back in the UK on the backlot and in the studio, so September through to end April/May is our targets. We are convinced we can do this,” Gormley told BBC.

John Pallister

John Pallister

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