Arrow Resurrected a Character Long Thought Dead this Season


CinemaBlend reports that Byron Mann is reprising his role as Yao Fei for the final season of Arrow.

No details are available just yet about how and why Yao Fei will be needed on Arrow, but his death was one of the earliest significant deaths in Oliver’s journey following the sinking of the Queen’s Gambit and being marooned on Lian Yu.


Yao Fei was Oliver’s first teacher in physical combat, and the first man to put a bow in Oliver’s hands. Of course, Oliver was incompetent and ridiculous with the bow when Yao Fei first started working with him, but poor Yao Fei’s options for allies were limited on Lian Yu. Yao Fei was also the first person to shoot Oliver with an arrow.

Unlike one of the other presumed dead characters who will return in Season 8, Yao Fei was quite definitively killed back in the first season. After being coerced into helping a group of mercenaries, Yao Fei was shot in the head and killed. So, how will Byron Mann reprise the role when Yao Fei is not only dead, but has been dead for around 13 years in-universe at this point? Stay tuned.

John Pallister

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