Another Comic Book Professional Caught In Scandal?

These actions are inexcusable

After the latest allegations that came to light this week about a professional in the comic book industry, insiders are saying that there’s no room for such behavior in 2019.


A troubling screenshot was circulated on Twitter, which Bleeding Fool has chosen not to publish or signal-boost. Our editorial staff gave serious consideration to the moral and ethical duties we bear as journalists and media influencers; we reached the conclusion that the public interest could be best served without putting those “problematic” words and images into the minds of people who haven’t seen them yet.


Without going into too many details, let’s just say it’s bad. Pretty much everybody else is saying they should be fired. If everyone else hates the guy, I don’t think you want to be the only person defending him by asking for details. Is that the hill you want to die on?


He’s already been fired, but now the question is “Why was he hired in the first place?” Do his friends and employers, and the parent company of his employer, endorse this kind of thing?


Rather than using this scandal to demonize and blacklist an individual, why not use it as a teachable moment? That way, we can demonize and blacklist lots of people.


Stay tuned.


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