Dark Horse Cancels ‘Afro Hustle’ Over Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Dark Horse Comics has announced they’re cancelling ‘Afro Hustle’, following sexual misconduct allegations regarding the comic’s writer, Jai Nitz. The creator of El Diablo, a character who appeared in Suicide Squad, Nitz is also now the latest comic creator to be accused of harassment.


An article in the University of Kansas’s ‘Her Campus’  online magazine from former editor-in-chief Hannah Strader alleged that Jai Nitz had made inappropriate advances towards her along with unwanted physical contact, when he was a guest lecturer there. Strader recounts how what she perceived as a professional mentorship turned into something ugly. The misconduct involved sexual talk and a forceful kiss after Strader had made it clear that she wasn’t interested.

Following the publication of the article, Nitz cancelled his Planet ComicCon appearance in Kansas City.

Dark Horse released a statement CBR which stated:

“Dark Horse takes all allegations seriously. While we were unable to prevent our distributor’s shipping of Astro Hustle #2, we are also suspending our professional ties with Jai Nitz.”

Sad to see yet another creator destroy their comics career over sexual misconduct. I’m not even sure what evidence was available to Dark Horse, but in today’s culture merely the appearance of impropriety seems to be enough to get your career cancelled. Hopefully justice has prevailed, but who can know? 


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