Accidentally Conservative ‘Don’t Look Up’ Film Breaks a Netflix Record


Adam McKay’s climate change satire Don’t Look Up is officially a record breaker, with the title attracting the most viewing hours for a movie in a single week in Netflix’s history.


The pic’s 152.29 million hours watched globally in the week December 27 – January 2 is a new high watermark, the streamer has confirmed to Deadline.



DON'T LOOK UP | Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence | Official Trailer | Netflix



Figures released by Netflix show the Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence-starrer is already its third most-watched film (in its first 28 days) of all time, behind only Bird Box and Red Notice.


The film also apparently please conservative viewers as well, a sizable portion of Netflix’s subscribers. In fact, John Nolte of Breitbart noted that Don’t Look Up President Trump voters that hate the political establishment, will find the movie’s brutal attack on the media, D.C.,  Big Tech, the FBI, and the ethically-compromised scientific community a welcome respite in a film that barely bothers to lean into its global warming angle.



It’s such a treat for conservatives, Nolte says “Trump himself could have produced it.”


Based on the publicity, I expected 138 minutes of straight-up conservative bashing. I had planned to hate-watch 20 minutes, shut it off, and then cleanse the palate by watching oil workers save the planet in Armageddon.

Don’t Look Up works (for the most part) because it is actually has nothing to do with Global Warming (which is a hoax). The movie’s really about how our American establishment lies and lies and lies… How the media use shiny objects to distract us… How the scientific community sells us out for empty media fame and corporate grants… How the FBI is politically compromised… How Big Tech is run by nerd-sociopaths with too much power…

Honestly, you can watch Don’t Look Up and see it as a metaphor for the exact opposite of the hokum McKay is selling. Every intelligent person knows the establishment is using Global Warming (which is a hoax) as a shiny object to scare us into giving them more power over our lives. Don’t Look Up could just as easily be called Don’t Look at Science’s Dismal Environmental Track Record.

What’s more, it’s just as easy to see the movie as a metaphor for how the establishment has sought to cover up vote fraud, ignore the horror stories behind illegal immigration, and lie to us about countless things that matter: Hunter Biden’s laptop, Benghazi, the lab leak theory, the Russia Collusion Hoax, the failure of COVID lockdowns, the failure of green energy… You can see this $75 million Netflix offering as a metaphor for a corrupt scientific community that tells us it’s unsafe to attend church but perfectly safe to join left-wing protests and flood the country with unvaccinated illegal aliens.

In my eyes, Meryl Streep’s President Orlean is more Obama than Trump. The president’s idiotic, drug-addled son (Jonah Hill) is pure Hunter Biden. Cate Blanchett’s craven morning show co-host is a damning impersonation of Mika Brzezinski. Ariana Grande’s Riley Bina — a mega-star who uses popular causes to make everything about Riley Bina — is every left-wing asshole in Hollywood (including Adam McKay), and Mark Rylance’s fey tech billionaire — a monster who hides his anti-human authoritarianism behind do-gooderism — is, well, name a tech billionaire.

For about ten minutes, Don’t Look Up loses its universal appeal to go directly at Trump, and this is the movie’s weakest part, the part where biting satire turns to smug propaganda. Additionally, Don’t Look Up is a half-hour too long and never all that funny. It’s also not terribly deep — nothing close to a Network (1976) or Dr. Strangelove (1964). You’re basically watching a series of skits.


Nolte concludes that only the overindulgent post credits scenes really undermines what is an otherwise near perfect film.


While Netflix doesn’t release day-to-day data, Don’t Look Up is likely to be encroaching on the Sandra Bullock movie, and could soon take the all-time record away from the Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds crime caper.

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