A ‘Wonder Girl’ Series is Under Consideration at The CW

Announced initially as a core part of DC Future State, the massive line-wide 2021 comic book event that will change the direction of the DC Universe, Yara will soon be making waves on the comic book page in a miniseries written and drawn by Joëlle Jones, but it appears the new hero isn’t stopping there. Deadline announced that The CW is developing a new Wonder Girl live-action series that will feature Yara Flor from Queen of South executive producer Dailyn Rodriguez and Berlanti Productions.


Greg Berlanti and The CW are constantly being praised for the focus on “diversity” within their small screen DCTV universe, which includes DC’s first Black-led series, Black Lightning, and its first led by an LGBTQ+ superhero, BatwomanWonder Girl would be the first DCTV series to feature a Latino character in the starring role. The producers and marketing team are using the insulting term “Latinx” instead, but that is a very unpopular term in the Latino and Spanish community.


Wonder Girl features a take on the longtime character that will be new to most Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl fans. Yara Flor’s parents were an Amazon Warrior and a Brazilian River God. When she discovers that she’s Wonder Girl, she must use her newfound powers to fight the evil forces that would seek to destroy the world.


If greenlit, Wonder Girl would mark the latest entry in The CW’s robust slate of interconnected DCTV shows, which will already be expanding in 2021 with the in-production Superman and Lois. Also returning in 2021 are ongoing “Arrowverse” series The Flash, Batwoman, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Supergirl, which announced earlier this year that its upcoming season will be its last.



For fans looking to learn more about Yara before her possible live action debut, they’ll get their first glimpse of the hero in Future State: Wonder Woman, which debuts as a part of DC Future State in January and February, 2021. That miniseries features an older Yara after she’s inherited the Wonder Woman mantle from Diana Prince. The CW series will focus on Yara as she’s younger.


Are you excited to see a new DC hero make the leap to the small screen?  Will you be checking her out in DC Future State first?


Karina Smitt

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