A Woman Scorned: Carole Baskin Suing Netflix Over ‘Tiger King 2’


Carole Baskin is taking Netflix to court. Baskin sued Netflix and Royal Goode Productions shortly after the release of the teaser for Tiger King 2, the Netflix docuseries that serves as a follow-up to last year’s big hit Tiger King: Murder, Madness, and Mayhem.


Baskin also filed an emergency application for a temporary restraining order, preventing Netflix from utilizing any video of the Baskins and the Big Cat Rescue refuge in Tiger King 2 or any of its marketing materials.



According to the Hollywood Reporter, Baskin and her husband, Howard, claim that the video used in Tiger King 2 is in violation of the deal they made to film the first docuseries, claiming they were informed it was for one “documentary motion picture” characterized as a “Blackfish style documentary to expose the large cat trade.” The Baskins further claim that the filmmakers shot extra material at the sanctuary without authorization, and that they were not paid for it. They also claim that the final cut was not at all what they expected.


Baskin’s attorney, Frank Jakes, says in the complaint: “Far from being a documentary motion picture that seeks to expose the illicit trade of big cat private ownership, breeding and cub petting, Tiger King 1 is a seven (7) episode series focused primarily upon portrayal of Joe Exotic as a sympathetic victim and Carole as the villain.”


“After Tiger King 1, Royal Goode Productions again approached the Baskins ‘to clear the air’ and, presumably, to entice them into being filmed for the sequel called Tiger King 2,” the complaint also states. “The Baskins refused, believing that the Appearance Releases prevented any further use of their film footage by Royal Goode Productions and Netflix in any sequel. Then, on October 27, 2021, Netflix released its Official Tiger King 2 Trailer. To the Baskins’ dismay, the trailer prominently displayed film footage of the Baskins and made clear that Tiger King 2 would do the same.”


Tiger King 2 is scheduled to premiere on Netflix on November 17, so the Baskins are asking the court to get involved by no later than November 16. This may turn out to be more exciting and dramatic than the show.

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