Steve Martin’s Wonderful Obsession with the Banjo – Learn to Play!


Most people know that a banjo is a stringed instrument that has a thin circular membrane stretched over a frame. Like a drum, the membrane can be plastic or animal skin. The device is mainly preferred by individuals who are in their prime age. The instrument can be played by anyone who has an interest in a particular genre of music. It is more similar to the guitar, but the difference is in size and the chords you can play on the banjo. Various musical shops offer Banjos For Sale. You will also note that individuals have mastered the banjo, and they are renowned artists and performers like Steve Martin. The banjo is classified with other stringed instruments that are used in traditional festivals and current events. Banjos are different based on the manufacturer and the type of music you want to play using the banjo.


Here is how you can start playing the banjo.



  1. Type

If you are interested in playing the banjo, you need to know the different types of banjos available in the market. Banjos have a different number of strings based on the style of music you want to play. There is the four-stringed banjo associated with jazz music. The five-stringed banjo is closely associated with folk-style and bluegrass music. Steve Martin has won several awards playing bluegrass music using the five-stringed banjo. The last one is the six-stringed banjo that you can play any genre of music. The experienced banjo players usually choose the six-stringed banjo. The banjo can also have an open back or be equipped with a resonator. Banjos that are open are lighter and quieter compared to the ones with a resonator. That is why most beginners start with open-back banjos. The ones equipped with resonators produce louder sounds and are expensive. Banjos come in different sizes, and you need to select the right one based on the skill level and comfortable position you will acquire when playing such a banjo.


Steve Martin Banjo 1972


Steve Martin’s love of the banjo dawned when he first heard Earl Scruggs on a record in 1962, when he was was 17 years old and living in the no-bluegrass-zone of Orange County, California.  Though the actor and comedian was drawn to the instrument’s high lonesome sound, it served as a prop in his early comedy routines. His influences included John McEuen (later a founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), Doug Dillard of the Dillards, and David Lindley (banjo player for the Mad Mountain Ramblers, an acoustic ensemble that Martin heard during a stint at Disneyland).


The next thing you need to learn if you want to play banjo is…

  1. Position

Playing the banjo requires that you should set yourself in the correct posture. When you are sitting or standing in the wrong posture, you are more likely to hurt yourself, experience difficulty in playing the banjo, and alter your music’s sound. Your head and shoulders should be held back without slouching while playing the banjo. The finger position should also be correct so that you can pluck the strings easily. You can purchase picks so that playing the banjo becomes more accessible and more comfortable. Ensure that the grip on the neck is not too tight since the banjo is sensitive. You don’t want to be out of tune while playing a particular style of music. Before playing the banjo, you should ensure the strings are correctly tuned. You can use the chromatic tuner or find a solution online from an experienced banjo player.


Banjo has become one of the popular instruments that people want to learn to play in the recent past. The influence has been brought by notable individuals like Steve Martin, who are playing the banjo while recording a particular song. It is through the acts of Steve Martin that most people want to learn the banjo. Playing the banjo is not tricky. For the sake of a good deal, it would be best if you found a suitable Banjo For Sale and practice it frequently. You can start with the basic roles and advance to the difficult ones as you perfect your skill level. Ensure that your timing and picking are matched so that you can maintain a certain rhythm.


Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers - "So Familiar" (Official Video)


This is just the beginning. There are LOTS of free lessons out there, but you need to get a banjo first!

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