NFL Proclaims “Football is Gay,” and I Couldn’t Agree More…

In support of Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib’s declaration that “football is gay,” the NFL rolled out a silly new ad just in time for LGBTQ+ “Pride Month”.




“The NFL stands behind the LGBTQ+ community today and every day,” the NFL tweeted after releasing the commercial.


When the NFL began allowing players to politicize the game by allowing them to kneel during the national anthem, the fans and supporters expressed their dissatisfaction by staying at home or changing the channel, causing the league to lose money in advertising. They’re now enabling one gay player to direct their advertising, and they will lose many more of their remaining paying customers.





Mainstream football fans are unconcerned about the athletes’ personal lives, sexual preferences, and political views. Most normal people just watch sports for the entertainment aspect, and yet the NFL continues to double-down and push a politically loaded agenda that the fans are uninterested in.  Will the NFL learn before they bankrupt themselves?

Todd Fisher

Todd lives in Northern California with "the wife," "the kids," "the dogs," "that cat," and he occasionally wears pants. His upcoming release, "Are You Woke Enough Yet?", is the culmination of too much time on social media and working in the film industry.