March Madness Pt II: Punk/New Wave Novelty Hits

In the first installment of my March Madness: Bubblegum, I selected The Dickies’ cover of The Banana Splits Theme as part of my playlist.


That got me thinking about the short-lived punk/new wave novelty hit fad, where bands/singers adopted lame ‘punk’ personas to grift a few quid – whilst some were the genuine article deciding to have some fun.


Which is which?


YOU decide.




Plastic Bertrand - Ça plane pour moi (1978)

Greedies (Sex Pistols & Thin Lizzy) - A Merry Jingle TOTP2

The Monks - Nice Legs Shame About Her Face ( TOTP ) 1979

The Flying Lizards - Money

The Dickies - Nights In White Satin

Jilted John's First TOTP Appearance

Unbelievably I saw this lot at the time. I was only two years old though.

Incidentally, the phrase ‘Turning Japanese‘ apparently refers to the face pulled during onanism.

Domo arigato, Mr Roboto!

M - Pop Muzik 1979

Had a drink with Max Splodge a few times, nice fellow. The song’s title was ripped off by a ghastly BBC3 ‘yoof’ sitcom:

Old fart musos cash in with an attempt to go New Romantic:


And lastly, not really any of the above, but an oddball choice of song for Fleetwood Mac to select as the lead single from their double album of the same name – Tusk.

Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (Official Music Video)

BONUS: this is a real head scratcher – then Prog Prince Peter Gabriel co-writes and plays on a song for creepy Smeagol-like British comedian Charlie Drake:

Charlie Drake : You Never Know

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