Here’s One Marvel Death That Actually Has Some Significance

As Jeph Loeb’s departure from Marvel approaches and Kevin Feige takes over as Chief Creative Officer for Marvel Comics, Television, and Animation. big changes are coming to Marvel. Marvel Television in its current form is being phased out.


Marvel TV shows that are currently in production or in post-production will continue, but any pre-production development has been canceled, resulting in a large portion of employees getting laid off.  Karim Zriek and is team is set to join Marvel Studios group to oversee those continuing shows.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is heading to its final season, Cloak and Dagger is being canceled after two seasons.  WandaVison along with The Falcon and The Winter Solider on Disney plus are still set to continue production. We expect this to be the new model; Disney+ will launch the shows. The status of the Hulu shows is even coming into question with the recent shake-up on the Dazzler & Tigra Show.


John Pallister

John Pallister

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