Woke WWE?!? Peacock Editing Out “Troublesome” Past Bouts

Fans of the WWE are upset that past events from the WWE Network are being edited by NBCUniversal for airing on the Peacock network. Some of the matches are being trimmed down due to length while others are having questionable racial content and profanity removed. Fans claim the move is “erasing history”.


NBCUniversal made a multi-year agreement with the WWE in late January reportedly worth $1 billion. The WWE Network will continue to stream until April 6th when it shifts over to Peacock.

Most of the complaints focus on older matches rather than the more family friendly WWE events. One of the noted edits is from WrestleMania 6 where a match between the late Rowdy Roddy Piper and Bad New Brown was removed all together because Piper, a Caucasian wrestler, painted his body half black to take on the African-American wrestler.

Jamison Ashley

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