‘Woke Peter Pan’ Reboot Features Girls as Lost Boys & Black Tinkerbell

What was once a beloved classic is now being reworked to fit a modern progressive agenda. Disney has once again succumbed to the woke culture and is not only featuring girls as members of the Lost Boys in their reboot of Peter Pan, but in this new live-action version, Wendy and her siblings are stranded on Neverland with a multicultural Peter and his band of Lost Boys, who now include a diverse mix of boys AND girls.




Peter Pan and Wendy - Official Trailer Starring Yara Shahidi


In Peter Pan and Wendy, the magic of diversity has cast non-white actors as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, however the evil villain Captain Hook still remains white and is played by Jude Law. Tinkerbell is played by Yara Shahidi, an outspoken BIPOC activist, and multiethnic British actor Alexander Molony makes his film debut as Peter Pan.  According to the credits, the film is based on both the original J.M. Barrie novel and Disney’s 1953 animated feature version.


It’s disappointing, but no longer surprising to see Disney giving in to the woke agenda and altering a classic story that has been cherished for generations. Rather than honoring the original source material, they’re sacrificing it for the sake of political correctness.  While these alterations could be considered mild, they are nonetheless disrespectful to the fans of the original Peter Pan, and further demonstrate how far-reaching the influence of the woke culture has become. 


At least she’s not as scary as Pinocchio’s blue fairy.


It’s a sad day when a beloved story is changed to fit a particular ideology, but Disney seemingly has no compunctions about this whatsoever. Despite still recovering from a string of politically charged disasters, including the animated LGBTQ-infused environmental film Strange World, which had a gay teen protagonist, and Pixar’s Toy Story spin-off film Lightyear, which featured a lesbian kiss, the House of Mouse is actively promoting drag queens on Disney+ and like the rest of the entertainment industry, seemingly worships at the altar of diversity, inclusion, and homosexuality. While it’s obvious what is pushing the audience away, we expect there will never be an honest accounting of what’s turning away and turning off their audience.


Disney clearly knew this would be a box office disaster, and are releasing it directly to streaming on Disney+ April 28, 2023.

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