Will They be “X-Men” or “Mutants” in Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The Illuminerdi is reporting of a Marvel Studios-led project produced by Marvel CCO Kevin Feige entitled The Mutants. It’s currently being developed as a feature film and is intended to be a reboot of the X-Men franchise.

After over a dozen movies produced by 20th Century Fox, Marvel Comics’ mutants are finally taking their rightful place on-screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With so little information at this time, it’s hard to pin down the capacity in which these exciting characters will arrive, but it’s such an exciting event knowing that the project is indeed in development.

Feige has only mentioned the mutants in passing over the past couple of years since the Fox/Disney merger. Although their inclusion in the MCU was always assumed to happen, nothing such as this has been put out into the world until now.


John Pallister

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