Will the MCU Use Green Goblin to Bring in the Miles Morales Spider-Man?

We’ve already seen Harry and Norman Osborn on the big screen played by two different sets of actors in Sony’s previous Spider-Man franchises, and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s take on the character making a conscious effort to try and use both villains and supporting characters that audiences have never seen before, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the studio would try and purposefully avoid using either version of the Green Goblin.

However, the Osborn family have always played a major role in Spider-Man’s history right from the very earliest days of his comic book run, so it isn’t exactly surprising that Norman in particular has been heavily rumored to eventually make his way into the MCU. There’s even been reports that he could be positioned as the next big bad pulling the strings behind the scenes, making him a thorn in the side for more than just your friendly neighborhood web-slinger.


We previously heard that Marvel was looking far enough ahead into the future that they were already considering ways to introduce Miles Morales as Peter Parker’s full-time successor, as well as the bombshell that the vast majority of the franchise’s marquee heroes could be finding themselves replaced down the line, and now we’ve learned that Tom Holland’s time as Spider-Man might not end the way fans want it to.

According to We Got This Covered, one idea currently being floated behind the scenes of Marvel Studios is to have Norman Osborn be the one to kill Peter Parker, which would both establish him as one of the MCU‘s most dangerous villains and also open the door for Miles Morales to permanently inherit the mantle of Spider-Man.


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Jamison Ashley

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