Will the Final Episodes of Marvel’s WandaVision be Longer Epics?

With the sixth of the planned nine episodes of WandaVision having been released last Friday, it would seem that we’re 2/3rds the way through the series… or are we? In an interview with series director Matt Shakman, Collider found out that the series was roughly 6 hours long and would be spread over 9 episodes. At this point the episodes have run roughly 199 minutes or 3 hours and 19 minutes meaning that there is still approximately 2 hours and 41 minutes left to air. Give or take, since Shakman wasn’t precise.


In interviews Paul Bettany has alluded to the ending being a big, cinematic style conclusion in the MCU tradition. It’s also speculated that the series will drop the sitcom format very soon, possibly after the seventh episode. The 30-minute length for the episodes also go along with the sitcom feel. But if this week’s episode 7 comes in again at around 35 minutes (as most have so far), then that would leave close to two hours to cover in the final two episodes.

Whatever the math, the final episodes have to get longer if they are going to show us the 6-hour story Shakman promised.


Are you following the show? What do you think so far?

Meghan Murphy

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