Will CW’s Batwoman Go #Woke With Gender Politics?

Ever since the CW brought out the elseworld crossover, we knew we were going to be getting a Batwoman TV show. I was very optimistic, and wondered just exactly how they would handle her gender and sexuality. Would it match what’s been done in the comics? 

Even with that teaser that drop last week, I still remained optimistic. Until this week, when we got an actual trailer.

I hate to say it, but I found this trailer to be extremely disrespectful to the character from the source material, Kate Kane. While we see bits and pieces of her origin in the trailer, such as her integrity, her relationship issues at West point academy, and her not wanting to denounce her relationship with Maggie. But that’s about as good as it gets. Quickly we see gender politics take center stage, making sure to exaggerate her being a female.

In my video below, I go over the trailer in full, and the reasons why I wish CW would not push gender and identity politics in Batwoman.

Tristen Just

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