Why are These Haters So Easily Triggered by Chris Pratt’s Voice?


Just as man-babies around the Twitterverse were getting their eyes dried over news that Chris Pratt is voicing Mario, the tears have begun to flow anew over a report that Chris Pratt is voicing Garfield. The Hollywood Reporter broke this news that Chris would lend his voice to the “lasagna-loving, Monday-hating comic strip feline” in a new animated film. The iconic feline has previously been voiced by Bill Murray, in both 2004’s Garfield and 2006’s Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties.


Lots of hurt fee-fees out there. 








Don’t remember this much hate over that last crappy cat movie… Cats. Chris also released a video on Instagram assuring everyone that he is working on Mario’s voice.


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Why do they hate Chris Pratt so much? Surely not because he is a conservative Christian, but with so many moments where his politics, or lack thereof, or his involvement in a Christian church has gotten him in hot water. He was even accused in 2019 of being “anti-gay” by Ellen Page, to whom Pratt responded by saying that his church “opens its doors to absolutely everyone”.


Chalk it up to “haters gonna hate,” I guess. At least Robert Downey Jr. has his back.


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