Why Angelina Jolie Turned Down Superhero Roles Before ‘Eternals’


If you’re wondering why Angelina Jolie hadn’t been in a superhero film before joining Eternals, well it wasn’t for Hollywood’s lack of trying. The former Laura Croft actress to Empire via The Direct that she had the opportunity to play a major character in the past but turned it down, but gave not specific details on the role.


Protect | Marvel Studios’ Eternals


Why did she turn that down and take the role of Thena? Jolie explained: “I don’t usually lean towards superhero or sci-fi films. It’s not usually what I’m looking to do. It felt like something else was happening in this film, though. It was very character-driven. These guys aren’t Spider-Man or Captain America or the Hulk A lot of hardcore fans won’t know who the Eternals are. Introducing them all at once, that isn’t easy. It’s not one of us in front and other characters behind It’s this really equal family. And I wanted to be a part of this family.” 



Eternals opens on November 5th exclusively in theaters.

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