Which Star Wars Planet is the Most Livable?


The Star Wars planets vary greatly – some are full of beautiful scenery, whereas others look like the most uninhabitable places in the universe. However, there’s no question that they’re all interesting! The real question is, which would provide the best place to live? Read on to find out. 



You will remember Dagobah as the planet where Yoda trained Luke Skywalker as a Jedi. While there is a lot of beauty to behold here, it is also a bit of a swampy mess. On the bright side, with the variety of creatures, you’d be unlikely to grow bored (until you want to head to a local bar). 

Rating: 6/10




If you can handle giant spiders, enormous slugs, and other dangerous and creepy creatures in a thick jungle, then Kashyyyk also has a lot of beauty to offer. Not only is it home to the brilliant Wookiees (who you should absolutely befriend), but it also has some relaxing scenery, like the beaches. Plus, according to Betway Casino, it’s one of the best locations in EA’s Battlefront 2. 

Rating: 7/10



Unless you are extremely warm-blooded, you’d probably want to steer clear of Hoth. While it did a great job as a headquarters for The Rebel Alliance, like a home, you’d probably freeze to death before long. Way too much ice and snow. 

Rating: 2/10



In its day, Alderaan would have rivaled Naboo in terms of beauty and quality of life. Unfortunately, the idyllic planet was destroyed, leaving nowhere to live. It’s a huge shame, as it could have made the top spot. 

Rating: 10/10 before destruction, 0/10 after the destruction



Coruscant is one giant city in the form of a planet. There you’ll find civilians, traffic, buildings, and plenty to do – perfect for someone who likes the city life. It has a pretty strict class system, though, and being at the bottom isn’t a walk in the park. Plus, there’s a lack of nature. 

Rating: 6/10



Tatooine is the desert planet where you first meet Luke Skywalker. It’s not that you can’t make a decent life for yourself in Tatooine; it’s just that it’ll take some hard work. But, if you can handle the stifling sun, dodgy locals, and coarse sand, you just might make it on this planet.  

Rating: 5/10 



The planet of Mustafar is the opposite of Hoth. While you might not freeze to death there, you would probably end up with some pretty severe burns. As the home to Darth Vader’s castle, it’s probably best to steer clear. 

Rating: 1/10


Forest Moon of Endor

The forest moon of Endor is a popular location amongst Star Wars fans. In terms of livability, it’d suit someone who thrives in a natural environment due to its beautiful forests. You’d better watch out for those Ewoks, though. 

Rating: 7/10




Bespin is a giant gas planet. Floating around Bespin is the Cloud City, a reasonable place to live, with plenty of work available. Bespin could quickly turn boring, though, as it doesn’t look like there’s room for a thriving social life. For example, where are all the pubs and bars? 

Rating: 6/10




Some of the most famous Star Wars characters have lived in Naboo, including Jar Jar Binks and Queen Amidala. Unlike some of the other planets, Naboo has variety in its beauty, with a range of countryside, lakes, buildings, and wildlife. Plus, it is ruled by a kind monarchy. 

Rating: 10/10


So – there you have it. The best planet to live on in the Star Wars universe is, of course, Naboo.

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