Which Action Film Was the Most Streamed Movie of 2021?


On HBO Max, the film that beat all others in their list of “most streamed” movies in viewership is the new Mortal Kombat with a “flawless victory.” As part of WarnerMedia’s larger strategy to give every major movie release a day-and-date release in 2021, it was released both in cinemas and on the streaming service last year. The viewership stats for the year have been combined into one list by Business Insider, and Mortal Kombat is named as the most-streamed title of them all for its opening weekend, with 3.8 million households watching the picture.



These figures originate from SambaTV, and they represent homes that watched at least five minutes of the film during its first four days on the market. With 3.6 million viewers, the anticipated crossover film Godzilla vs. Kong came in second with 3.6 million viewers. The new sequel The Matrix Resurrections pulled in much lower numbers with 2.8 million households watching over that same period of time, though it should be noted that more filmgoers have been venturing out to see movies on the big screen as 2021 progressed.


So you can’t blame day and date streaming, and you can’t blame COVID with the shell game that is the movie industry. Time will tell if the sequel ever happens, but the more the original film is streamed, the higher the chances for a follow-up film.


Mortal Kombat was directed by Simon McQuoid and written by Greg Russo and Dave Callaham. It is currently streaming on HBO Max.  No word yet on a sequel.

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