When Classic ‘Toons Get ‘Woke’

It was only a matter of time, of course.


The children’s character Thomas the Tank Engine has gotten a United Nations-assisted “makeover” to make him more, er, palatable for contemporary “woke” audiences.


Beginning this weekend the new “Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures!” will feature stories centered on “education, sustainable communities, responsible consumption, gender equity and ‘life on land,’ about healthy ecosystems.” Producers swapped a few male characters with females, and changed some ethnicities.


There’s now an African car and a Chinese engine, both of XX chromosome.


“Some think girls are weak, but I know that’s not true,” Thomas says in one episode after being beaten in a race by (Chinese engine) Hong-Mei. “Gordon can pull the engine, and Rebecca can pull the engine,” he adds. “If boys and girls aren’t given the same opportunities, they might not be given the chance to work as equals, and that’s not fair.”


Nia, the African car, cannot return to her home because she’s been “displaced.” That’s a nice way of saying she a migrant refugee.




It seems other properties may be following suit, and The College Fix was fortunate enough to be privy to the latest developments.




“Differently Abled Acquaintances” (formerly “Super Friends”)
Since “super” denotes superiority and “friends” can make those without someone close to them feel inadequate and/or depressed, the “redone” heroes SuperCis, Wonder Trans, Binary-man and others enforce speech codes and right-think via the bias reporting system at the Hall of Reproductive Justice.



“Scooby, Don’t!”
Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby drive around the country in their Consent Car visiting college campuses to testify for plaintiffs in Title IX cases.



“Josie and Vajayjay Cats”
The ‘cats — Josie, Valerie, and Melodie — hang up their instruments to don pink pussy hats and protest at every conceivable Trump-related event. Featuring the hit theme song:


“Josie and Vajayjay Cats!
Pink domes, covered with tats!
Hittin’ MAGA types with wooden bats!
Don’t mess with my distended thong,
Arrested? Din’t do nuthin’ wrong!”

Alien robot Front Hole Prime and his fellow GenderBots transform from male to female to everywhere in between as they take on MegaDrag and the evil TransitionCons to save the Earth from planet-wide gender dysphoria.


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Dave Huber

A ComicsGater long before the term ever existed, Dave is a retired teacher who now concentrates his efforts on exposing the insanity of college political correctness.