What’s This? A TRON 3 Movie News Update


Morbius star Jared Leto just teased some new Tron 3 announcements that are on the horizon in a promising update on the movie.


It’s been over five years since reports first surfaced that Leto could star in a new Tron movie. Disney revived the original 1982 sci-fi franchise in 2010, as Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, and a returning Jeff Bridges starred in Tron: Legacy. Following mixed reviews, Disney struggled to find the right path forward for the series, but 2017 brought news that Jared Leto could star in a Tron reboot, which has since been described as more of a sequel rather than a franchise reset.



In the five years since Leto has been linked to Tron 3, the movie didn’t really start to make much progress until 2020, when Disney re-entered the film into development. It was shortly after this that Garth Davis (Lion) was announced as Tron 3‘s director. Leto seemingly revealed the sequel’s title in celebration of the announcement, as a since-deleted tweet referred to the movie as Tron: Ares. Despite the star then teasing his physical transformation to lead the sci-fi sequel movie, there hasn’t been any significant update on where the movie stands for more than a year.


As audiences wait for Tron 3, Leto is now out promoting Sony’s Morbius ahead of its theatrical release on April 1. Screen Rant had the opportunity to talk to the Morbius star as part of the press tour, and the conversation eventually included a question about the status of Tron 3. He offers a promising Tron 3 update:


“I’m a super fan of Tron, and we are working hard on Tron with our incredible partners at Disney,” Leto said. “Just an amazing group of creative people. We’re getting closer. We’re getting closer and closer, and who knows? Something may be [coming] sooner than later.”


Curiosity has long swirled around a third Tron movie after it was greenlit following Legacy‘s release but quickly left in a stagnant state of development before it was canceled in 2015 only for rumors about it going back into development a few years later.

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