What If…? Marvel Just Did a Clever Ultron / Vision Mash-Up


After the big reveal at the end of the most recent episode of What If…?, Marvel Studios has released a new episode poster showcasing and giving us our best look at Ultron/Vision, whose appearance surprised both Thor and the Watcher when he and his drones appeared in that universe. The character appears to be taken from a variation on Avengers: Age of Ultron, where Ultron is able to complete the building of the Vision’s body and then uploading his “consciousness” into it.


One can extrapolate from there that he met Thanos when he came to Earth to get the Mind and possibly Time stones and was able to defeat the Mad Titan, allowing him to have access to all six stones. But this leaves some questions that hopefully the next episode will answer… like how do the Infinity Stones from one universe work in another when we see specifically in Loki that they don’t? Does having all the stones make one a Nexus Being, allowing them to exist the same in all realities? And how does one stop a synthetic man with the Infinity Gauntlet as a chest plate?


There is only episode of What If…? left in this first season.

Christina Wiggins

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