Watch: ‘The Suicide Squad’ Gag Reel Reveals the Film’s Even Sillier Side

The Suicide Squad, a quasi-reboot directed by James Gunn, was one of the most anticipated DCEU films of the year. The film’s release did not disappoint after a lengthy delay. Fans and critics alike lauded The Suicide Squad as one of the most entertaining DCEU entries in the franchise to date.


Now, Warner Bros. Entertainment has now published an official humor clip for the film, confirming that making The Suicide Squad was as much fun as viewing it.


The Suicide Squad | Gag Reel | Warner Bros. Entertainment


The film’s ensemble tries and fails to maintain a straight face during the story’s more absurd scenes. The cast of A-listers is clearly having a wonderful time bringing Gunn’s particular brand of action-comedy to life, from Idris Elba laughing hysterically during what was supposed to be a sorrowful sequence to Margot Robbie losing it over Javelin’s failure to hold his famous weapon upright.



My favorite part of the gag reel might be John Cena’s stone-faced performance as the humorless Peacemaker, yet still managing to improvise comedic moments with a severed finger prop. He may be a China-puppet, but he has good improv skills. Must be the wrestling background. It’s also entertaining to see Margot Robbie struggle to recall her lines while a flock of birds rest on her.


Gunn’s take on The Suicide Squad appears to be refreshingly free of the kind of studio interference that David Ayer had to contend with while making 2016’s abysmal Suicide Squad. Gunn has repeatedly emphasized that he had a great relationship with the studio while making The Suicide Squad, which is why he is already set to return to the franchise with a Peacemaker spinoff series starring John Cena.

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