Watch: Steven Has ‘Moon Knight’ Action Figure in New Teaser

Marvel just released a new teaser for Moon Knight this morning, and while the majority of it contains footage we’ve seen before, there is one new bit that stands out.


Secret | Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight | Disney+


First we see Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant running out of his bed, being tripped by his ankle restraint, and falling to the floor. Then it appears we cut to an all-white room with Steven wearing all white and a Moon Knight action figure has fallen out of his hands. The feel of the room has that “institution” vibe and in earlier trailers we’ve seen the character in a padded room.



But also, in the clip we see him in Egypt and the look on his face is very much NOT Steven. Is that Marc? Are we seeing what led him to his death and rebirth as the avatar of Khonshu? Episode two of Moon Knight will be released tomorrow on April 6th on Disney+.   

John Pallister

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