Watch: Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Edition 4K Remaster Trailer Released


Paramount+ has released the trailer for the upcoming 4k Ultra HD Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director’s Edition remaster.



The new trailer (below) reveals that the newly updated director’s cut of the original Star Trek movie will debut exclusively on Paramount+ on April 5th. The new trailer follows the previously revealed first look at the remastered Director’s Edition and additional still images released by Paramount+ shortly after the project’s announcement.


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Oscar-winning director Robert Wise directed Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but wasn’t entirely satisfied with the film’s theatrical cut, completed on a tight deadline. The Director’s Edition allowed Wise to achieve his vision more fully, restoring abandoned elements and special effects shots when Paramount released it on VHS and DVD in 2001.

The Director’s Edition didn’t receive a Blu-ray re-release, making this 4k restoration the first time it’s available in anything other than standard definition.


Watch the trailer here:


Star Trek: The Motion Picture (The Director's Edition) | Official Trailer | Paramount+



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