Watch: Season 3 Trailer for ‘The Boys’ on Prime Video


The official trailer for Season 3 of The Boys has finally arrived.


After announcing the release of the trailer last week, The Boys is offering viewers an extended look at all of the new Supes, drama, and bloody violence that’s in store for its third season on Prime Video. The June 3rd premiere date is two weeks away, and The Boys’ red band teaser trailer has already revealed Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) will obtain his own set of superpowers in the third installment.


THE BOYS – Season 3 Official Trailer | Prime Video


The Boys is an irreverent take on what happens when superheroes, who are as popular as celebrities, as influential as politicians and as revered as Gods, abuse their superpowers rather than use them for good,” the series description reads. “It’s the powerless against the super powerful as The Boys embark on a heroic quest to expose the truth about ‘The Seven’, and their formidable Vought backing.”



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