Watch Scene from ‘Batman: Death in the Family’, DC’s First-Ever Interactive Animated Tale


On Tuesday, Warner Bros Home Entertainment released a new clip from Batman: Death in the Family, the company’s first-ever venture into interactive storytelling.


In the clip, Jason Todd awakens from the beating he took at the Joker’s hands. He quickly turns against the other members of the Batman family. He runs off into the night and becomes the villain known as Hush, a fate hinted at in the original Batman: Hush comic book that turned out to be a red herring foreshadowing Jason’s later return as the masked vigilante called Red Hood. You can watch the clip below.



Batman: Death in the Family - Exclusive Official Clip (2020) Interactive Movie



Batman: Death in the Family is produced, directed, and written by Brandon Vietti. The animated story undoes the infamous murder of Batman protégé Jason Todd and the destinies of Batman, Robin, and The Joker play out in new ways as viewers make choices throughout the story. While Batman: Under the Red Hood, where Jason Todd returns as the ruthless vigilante Red Hood, provides a baseline, the tale also branches in new directions and features several characters previously unseen in the original film.

DC Showcase's Batman: Death in the Family - Exclusive Official Trailer (2020) Interactive Movie



DC Showcase – Batman: Death in the Family releases on Blu-ray & Digital on October 13th.


 via ComicBook

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