Watch: Pixar Unveils New ‘Monsters Inc’ Short with Old-Timey Aesthetic


Pixar decided to share a look at Monsters Inc. in old-style cartoon style. Disney+ Day is approaching this weekend, and fans are excited to see what the company is coming up with. The streaming service has its own offering based on Monsters Inc., Monsters at Work. This fun little short might call their service home as well in a while. If you can believe it, 20 years have passed since the premiere of the beloved Pixar film. Disney will roll out the red carpet to celebrate.


“It’s scarin’ time! Grab your popcorn and watch Mike and Sulley fill up those scream canisters in this classic silent film style,” Disney wrote.


Check out the silent Monsters Inc. short here:


Pixar Remix: Monsters, Inc. | Pixar



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