Watch: Morbius Final Trailer Reveals Matt Smith & Jared Harris Roles


The plot for Morbius is starting to take shape and we’re learning more and more about the characters played by Jared Harris and Matt Smith. In official production release from Sony, we learn that Harris will be playing Dr. Nicholas, a parental figure for the afflicted Michael Morbius (Jared Leto) and other children who share his unique blood disease. This includes young Milo, a life-long friend of Morbius who was born with the name Lucien and the same disease as Michael’s.



Milo, played by Smith, is the scion of a very, very, very rich family who has grown to be a man who lives deep and sucks all the marrow out of life while he can. He’s a larger-than-life character who uses his money to live life to the fullest while he can. When Morbius discovers the cure and its side effect, he tries to keep it from his friend, protecting him, but Milo doesn’t understand and steals the serum, becoming the same type of monster as his friend and while Morbius is afraid of his powers, Milo embraces them.


MORBIUS - Final Trailer (HD)


This is the films take on the character of Loxias Crown aka Hunger. Dr. Nicholas doesn’t have a comic counterpart, though he could be a take on the character Dr. Nicholas Bromwell, Peter Parker’s family doctor. The character runs a facility where they look after people who have these types of illnesses, when there is little hope for a cure. 


Morbius hits theaters on April 1st  

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