Watch: ‘Moon Knight’ Featurette Reveals More About New MCU Series


Disney+ has put out a new video feature for the coming Marvel series Moon Knight and fans are already dissecting the footage. USA Today posted the clip on social media and there’s commentary from Oscar Isaac, Kevin Feige, and Mohammed Diab.


It seems like Marvel is shooting for something completely different with the upcoming Disney+ series. Specifically, the mental health aspects are going to be front and center with the on-screen depiction of Marc Spector and Steven Grant. However, there will be plenty of action as well. Marvel continues to build out the paranormal wing of their universe with entries like Moon Knight.


For fans of the character, this entire month must feel like waiting for summer vacation to start. Well, there’s only a few short weeks left until the series gets started on Disney+. 


Check out the new featurette here:



Moon Knight hits Disney+ on March 30th.



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