Watch: Jared Leto Discusses the Comicbook Lore of Morbius

In this new video released by Sony, Jared Leto introduces us to the lore of his upcoming character Morbius.


MORBIUS Vignette - The Lore of Morbius


The fact the character first appeared in 1971 as an antagonist for Spider-Man and then moved on to become an anti-hero. He also talks about how Marvel was not allowed to use supernatural characters due to the Comic Code Authority, which made Morbius a big deal when he was introduced. He goes on to say the everyone loves a good monster story and that there was something about the character that stoked people’s imaginations.



While talking they show footage from the film, most of which we’ve seen in previous trailers. Morbius opens on April 1st and along with Leto, features Adria ArjonaMatt SmithTyrese GibsonJared HarrisAl Madrigal, and Michael Keaton.

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