Watch: ‘Gamera Rebirth’ Teaser Trailer for Netflix’s 6-Episode Anime Series

Netflix just released a new teaser of the upcoming miniseries Gamera -Rebirth-! The teaser in question has been uploaded to their Twitter, and can be viewed below.


It’s a short teaser, a slow pan up the mighty turtle’s body and cutting away just before his face is revealed. Then a cut to a shot of his back as he lumbers across a crumbling city towards his flying opponent. Then it cuts to a shot of his eye, then the title screen!


Gamera -Rebirth- will be a six-episode anime series following the iconic kaiju as he battles five different foes! But who will those foes be? Luckly, Netflix has also given a semi-reveal poster of the very foe in the teaser, Gyaos!



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