Watch: First Official Teaser for AMC’s ‘Interview With the Vampire’


AMC made a deal to secure the rights to 18 of the Anne Rice novels in “The Vampire Chronicles” and “Lives of Mayfair Witches” series. This means there is plenty of source material for multiple horror shows if the network wants to keep them going for years to come. Many of these shows could feature Sam Reid‘s latest incarnation of the beloved vampire character, Lestat, that was previously played by Tom Cruise in the 1994 movie adaptation of “Interview With The Vampire” and Stuart Townsend in the long-forgotten “Queen of The Damned” that featured the late singer Aaliyah as an ancient vampire that is resurrected.


A teaser trailer (see below) for “Interview With The Vampire” has been dropped as AMC has announced that the horror reboot series will premiere sometime this fall. Hopefully, that date could be around spooky season as the vampire series gives them an excuse to drop it around Halloween.


INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE Teaser (2022) Anne Rice Miniseries


This isn’t the only Rice adaptation heading to AMC in the near future, as “Lives of The Mayfair Witches” got a series order back in December that will be co-written and showrun by Esta Spalding. “Mayfair Witches” focuses on an intuitive young neurosurgeon that discovers she is the unlikely heir to a family of witches. The show should fit nicely alongside “Vampire” as it’s also said to debut in late 2022.


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