Watch: First Look at Hulu & Marvel’s Hit-Monkey


When Marvel Television was shut down and Kevin Feige took over, there were a few casualties and a couple projects left out in limbo. One of them, M.O.D.O.K. finally saw the light of day a few months back on Hulu, well, another of the animated series that were allowed to continue was Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, which we hadn’t had an update on in quite some time, but that changed this week.


Entertainment Weekly had both a first look image and a premiere date for the series, November 17th on Hulu. The show will follow a Japanese snow macaque who finds a wounded hitman named Bryce and tries to nurse him back to health, but the agent ultimately dies. This leads to the monkey going on a mission to get revenge. Jason Sudeikis is on board as the voice of Bryce.


Now Hulu has released a teaser trailer.



Created by writer Daniel Way and artist Dalibor Talajić, the character first appeared in Hit-Monkey #1, followed by a three-issue arc in Deadpool. Shortly after, he got his own miniseries. He has not been as prevalent since that first burst of popularity, but has popped up in the Marvel Universe from time to time. Hit-Monkey premieres on Wednesday, November 17 only on Hulu.

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