Watch: Disney’s ‘Ms. Marvel’ Trailer Gets a VERY Mixed Response


In 2013, Marvel Comics introduced Kamala Khan, a Pakistani American teenager from New Jersey who idolizes Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. By 2014, Kamala had superhuman abilities, her own solo series and her own superhero moniker — Ms. Marvel — making her the first Muslim superhero to headline a Marvel comic.


Nine years later, Kamala is making her live action debut in “Ms. Marvel,” the latest Disney+ series from Marvel Studios that just debuted its first trailer below.


Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel | Official Trailer | Disney+


The series will premiere on June 8, but while the usual amount of heavy praise is being heaped on the Disney / marvel trailer, more than the usual amount of negative comments have been accompanying it as well.















While many criticized the production quality of the show, other fans criticized the changes from the comics, or were disappointed that this trailer hit the webs before any trailer or teaser for the upcoming Thor: Love & Thunder.










Others commented on what they thought the response was going to be, to both the trailer and the show, with varied accuracy.







I suspect most of our readers will align with Big A ‘the Manc Geek’ and recognize it’s probably just not for you. And that’s okay.


Ms. Marvel Official Trailer Reaction


If you’re anything like me, then there have been plenty of Disney TV shows that you wouldn’t have liked. So what’s one more? This trailer was ‘meh’ and I have no interest in watching this show.


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