Watch: ‘Chucky’ TV Series Releases Teases Early Preview Footage

Production is underway on the SYFY original series Chucky, picking up from the killer doll film franchise and continuing the story told across its seven film series. With the “Pride of Chucky” marathon now ongoing on the network, featuring six of the seven movies in the series, some of the first footage from the set of Chucky has been revealed by series creator Don Mancini. 


In a social media post, Mancini, who has written all seven movies and is show-running the TV series, revealed a scene from the series being shot with both young actor Zackary Arthur and the killer doll who gives the series its namesake.


Chucky (2021) SyFy TV Series Promo 4 | First Footage Revealed


Chucky will premiere this Fall on SYFY and USA Network.


Chucky | Trailer: Coming 2021 To USA Network And SYFY

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