Watch: Bruce Campell vs. the Evil Dead Rise Heckler


A post-screening Q&A for the Evil Dead Rise briefly turned into a shouting match at SXSW Thursday night after the film’s executive producer Bruce Campbell clashed with a heckler in the audience.


Footage of the verbal altercation has been shared widely across social media platforms and shows the young heckler sitting slouched in a balcony seat in the theater. The heckler is approached by staff members at the event, at which point he gestures towards the big screen and yells: “This movie f***ing sucks.”


The heckler proceeds to stand up, chuck his empty popcorn container in the air, and heads for the exit to a chorus of jeers and booing from other audience members, at which point Campbell yells: “What are you doing here? Get the f**k out of here.”



At Campbell’s comment, the audience erupted into cheers. The film’s producer Robert Tapert, who was also onstage, added: “I don’t get it. He waited all the way through the credits.”


via Deadline

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