Watch: Behold this 30 Year Old Russian Adaptation of ‘Lord of the Rings’

Between the upcoming Amazon Prime adaptation and it being the 20th anniversary of the first film from Peter JacksonLord of the Rings has been on a lot of people’s minds lately. Turns out there’s even more goodness from a thirty year old made-for-television series from Russia. Titled Khraniteli, the once believed lost forever series has recently been discovered and loaded up to YouTube by Russia’s Channel 5. The series debuted the same year that the Soviet Union officially dissolved, which makes it being misplaced make a lot of sense. The series was adapted by Vladimir Muravyov and Andrey Kistyakovsky and starred Viktor Kostetsky as Gandalf, Georgy Shtil as Bilbo and Valery Dyachenko as Frodo.


While the project was obviously on a low budget being made for television, they used a handful of tricks that Jackson would use ten years later like “forced perspective” to make the size differences work. And one thing the Russian series has that Tolkien fan’s complain is missing from Jackson’s work is the character of Tom Bombadil.

You can watch the first part here


Хранители | Часть 1 | Телеспектакль по мотивам повести Д.Р.Р.Толкиена


and the second part here.


Хранители | Часть 2 | Телеспектакль по мотивам повести Д.Р.Р.Толкиена

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