Warner Bros. Discovery Signs Matt Reeves to First-Look Deal

For those who were worried about The Batman sequel when word came out that it hadn’t been green lit yet, you can probably relax.


Deadline is reporting that writer/director Matt Reeves and his 6th & Idaho production company has signed a multi-year, first-look deal with Warner Bros. and has re-upped with Warner Bros. Television Group where they are currently working on a The Batman spinoff series starring Colin Farrell as The Penguin. Reeves previously had a similar deal with Netflix, but he’s become so focused on the Batman franchise that it makes sense he’s moved the deal to the WBD.




Since the merger, things have been a bit shakey with Warner Bros. Discovery, getting fans nervous with the shelving of films like Batgirl and the Scoob! sequel, also reports earlier this week that the Reeves, Bruce Timm and J.J. Abrams new Batman animated series was dropped from HBO Max caused a stir. But the animated project wasn’t technically cancelled, it just lost its place on the streaming service and can find a new home elsewhere, helping to generate revenue for WBD.


This news should solidify the Batman sequel and possibly a trilogy from Reeves, so long as there is no fallout from the recent BatmanGate controversy.

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