Warner Bros. Deciding What to Do with ‘The Flash’ Amid Ezra Miller Crime Spree


According to a new THR story, Warner Bros. Discovery is apparently choosing between three possible outcomes for The Flash’s future, according to “a source with knowledge of the issue.”


The first choice is to permit Miller to seek professional mental health rehabilitation, which the actor will apparently undertake at his Vermont property with his mother at his side. The idea is for the actor to appear in an interview and describe the odd behavior he’s displayed over the past few months, assuming that this aids Miller. Disorderly conduct, assault, burglary, and allegations of grooming children are among the behaviors. The Flash would then be released as scheduled, and Miller would make very few select press appearances.



If Miller doesn’t ask for assistance, the second scenario will take place. According to the story, Warner Bros. would still release The Flash, but Miller’s involvement in press appearances and marketing would be minimal. No simple assignment when Miller is portraying the lead role. This choice would also lead to a future recasting of Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash. Could Grant Gustin suit back up? He’s reportedly more popular than Ezra Miller.


The third alternative, which is undoubtedly the least preferred by DC fans and Warner Bros., would be to cancel The Flash, where it would probably be stored in the same vault where Batgirl is currently collecting dust.



As a move to appease the LGBTQ+ community, some activists are pushing the studio to replace Ezra Miller with Ellen/Elliot Page (The Umbrella Academy), which has generated a lot of excitement among woke fans. More serious Flash fans have pushed for Grant Gustin, The CW’s The Flash, who shared an emotional video after the series ended, and is clearly a character who comic book fans want to see more of.


But despite the calls to cancel Ezra, John Nolte makes the case that the movie should be released as is, despite the shenanigans of its lead actor.


In the fascist woke universe, of course, The Flash should never see the light of day. The movie should be scrapped, burned, and its ashes scattered over the Indian Ocean. Look at the precedents set in this universe… Disney blacklisted actress Gina Carano over nothing more than not being a leftist. Johnny Depp was blacklisted for five years(!) before he was vindicated in court. The Great Woody Allen has been blacklisted after two states — two! — found him innocent. Put another way, the Nazis who run Woke Hollywood have been disappearing, destroying, and annihilating people and careers for supposed sins that don’t even come close to the horrors attributed to Ezra Miller. So, of course, The Flash should never see the light of day.

The second way to look at it is this: In a just and sane universe, the very idea of attaching purity tests to art is obscene and illiberal.



Nolte adds, “once you start down this path, where does it end? Who decides what sins justify the blacklisting of art?”

You can argue that blacklisting The Flash would be unfair to the hundreds of innocent people involved in the movie’s production. That’s certainly a reasonable way to look at it, but I would still defend the art if the art in question were a painting created solely by Miller.

I know what Polanski did. I’m still watching Chinatown and Rosemary’s Baby.

I know what Bill Cosby did. I’m still watching Uptown Saturday Night.

I know what Alec Baldwin’s done. I’m still watching Glengarry Glen Ross and The Hunt for Red October.

I know what O.J. Simpson did. I’m still watching The Towering Inferno.

All kinds of terrible people do and create beautiful things. The idea that multinational corporations and the Twitter Stasi will choose what does and does not cross the line for everyone else is a standard begging to be abused, personalized, and politicized. And that standard has already been abused, personalized, and politicized.

We all know why Hollywood disappeared Gina Carano over an anodyne meme, and Ezra Miller might still have a career despite a video that appears to show him choking a woman and a credible allegation of child grooming: Carano was punished for not being a leftist, and Miller’s enjoying every benefit of the doubt because his politics are correct and he is among the new protected class of sexual weirdos.

There’s no sin you’ll be held accountable for if you announce your pronouns are “they/them.”


Since Miller plays a significant part in The Flash, it would be very hard to reshoot all of his scenes in a way other projects have in comparable situations. And Warner Bros. won’t be hastily canceling a $200 million film, for sure. What do you think they should decide?



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