Warner Bros Cruelly Teases Flashpoint to Thirsty DCEU Fans

Warner Bros.’ The Flash film has morphed through many different forms over the years. Long before It‘s Andy Muschietti took over as director, the idea was to tackle the “Flashpoint” storyline in the film. Fans were thrilled at the idea, seeing the potential for how it could help relaunch the then-struggling DCEU into a renewed universe.

As we know now, however, this is no longer the plan for the movie, but We Got This Covered is reporting that there’s a possibility it could be held off until the sequel. Site sources say that The Flash 2 could be the DCEU’s “Flashpoint”. Specific details are up in the air, but the intention is to use it to streamline the cinematic universe.


By then, Robert Pattinson’s Batman will have arrived and there may be a new Superman too. As previously reported, WB wants to make a rebooted Justice League movie involving Pattinson and whoever the new Supes is, so The Flash 2 could fold them into the DCEU so that they can team up with the other heroes, writing Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck out of continuity along the way.

Does anyone really think this will EVER happen? They haven’t even been able to get the Flash movie out of development hell and WGTC is already running rumour balloons up to see if anyone even cares?


Jamison Ashley

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